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Use of T4Com’s SIP trunking solutions, VoIP optimised internet and our low cost call rates can save you up to 50% compared with traditional technologies.

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What is SIP Trunking?

Modern telecoms is based on Internet Protocol (IP) and to run Voice over IP (VoIP) you need SIP trunks.

Traditional telephone systems use connections to the UK network (‘lines’) based on either ISDN (digital) or analogue technology. These are dedicated physical lines which are expensive and cannot support the latest technology.  In the world of VoIP these are replaced by IP pathways between your phone system and the T4Com  SIP platforms in our datacentres: the calls are carried over an internet based service.  These IP pathways are known as SIP Trunks. SIP refers to the technology used for VoIP call setup and control.

SIP Trunks can utilize part of an existing data circuit (for instance you may have a private circuit internet connection) or alternatively  we can install a suitable  VoIP optimised circuit (see VoIP circuits). These are lower cost and you only pay for the capacity you need. Lower cost and no wastage.

SIP Trunking, how does it work?

In our London datacentres the T4Com SIP Platforms interconnect with the UK and international phone networks via multiple access points. As your Internet Telephony Service Provider we handle all your calls (both inbound and outbound) passing them to your system over SIP Trunks. The SIP Trunks are IP and are carried over the internet.

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Benefits of T4Com SIP Trunks

We run our own infrastructure and carrier interconnects developed with deep industry experience: we don’t re-brand or white label someone else’s product.

Our monitoring systems are not only used on our core infrastructure: they are also focussed on each SIP customer’s service.

T4Com SIP Trunks benefit from 100% redundancy provided by 2 totally independent and geographically separated infrastructures.

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