3CX VoIP PBX on iPhone-&-Android appsT4Com is a fully 3CX supported VoIP provider. 

In our view 3CX is the most exciting and technically advanced phone system on the market and T4Com provides the most technically advanced VoIP services. Putting the 2 together creates an unrivalled combination of features, performance and reliability.

Following full interop testing with the 3CX  implementation team we have produced a SIP Trunk specification tuned to 3CX’s needs and a 3CX VoIP Provider template to match. From 3CX version 14 T4Com’s SIP Trunking configuration template is included in the 3CX software.

When customers deploy their own 3CX server they can be assured of a simple, trouble free set-up fully supported by both 3CX and T4Com – just select T4Com from the drop-down menu.

Highly granular performance monitoring optimised for 3CX

Our infrastructure is highly resilient and monitored 24/7 but we have extended this to closely integrate with 3CX deployments – uniquely for 3CX we install remote probe software on the pbx server to gain a highly detailed picture of your network and SIP trunk performance.

For 3CX SIP Trunks we monitor:-

ICMP ping and response time: This tells us your network connection (broadband/Ethernet etc)  is OK and we have access through to your router

SIP responses: Is the PBX actually able to process inbound call requests?

Packet loss, jitter, round trip delay, packet delay variation, latency: How is your network performing? – these are the principle paramaters affecting voice quality

MOS (Mean Opinion Score): This is an empirical score that grades your voice quality based on the above

SIP messaging: The SIP header information for every call is recorded and is available to assist support activities

Call duration: short average call durations trigger investigation

Call Answer/Seisure ratio: An old fashioned metric but it still a good indication of call performance.

No surprises, no guessing just dependable service through better technology.

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For more information on how using 3CX with T4COM can benefit your business speak to a member of our team.