Beat the lockdown: Disaster-proof your business telecoms today


We’ve all been waiting for the second wave of COVID19 to hit. At T4COM we’ve been wondering what we can expect once it finally arrives. With the new tiered lockdowns, the rising number of daily infections and the end of the furlough scheme. It’s no wonder that professionals across the country are looking for new ways to disaster proof their business.

With no clear line from the government about another lockdown over winter, it’s difficult to forecast the rest of 2020. With such high levels of uncertainty and confusion and new messages each and everyday it’s a tense time. So can you and your workforce safely return to the office? Is it safer to stay home? How can you flip so easily between the two without your work suffering?

That’s where we come in.

No, we’re not just saying that either. We really can help you to disaster proof your business, and keep you and your staff connected whatever the outcome. Your clients won’t even know that you have left the building.

Throughout 2020, T4COM have been keeping businesses across the south of England connected. Through switching from traditional forms of telephony to VoIP, customers have found a way that has enabled them to continue their work. Whether they’re at home, the office, or somewhere in-between. They’re seamlessly connected and able to continue their work uninterrupted.

So how does VoIP work?

There used to be a time where telephony was dependent on cables. You’d be tied to a desk, or perhaps a cordless phone that limited you to the office. The cables require constant maintenance (which adds unseen costs!), and a storm could cut your contact for days. Moving to a new office, or working from home was more trouble than it’s worth. For all it’s brilliance, it was still incredibly restrictive. Thankfully, the telephony of the future has arrived.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a cloud based service. This means that as well as providing you a more reliable and fast service, we can slash the cost too! In fact – by switching to T4COM we can save you up to 50% a month on your telephony bills. With all the extra benefits to boot! 

Benefits? Isn’t it just like any other phone provider?

When you’re switching to our VoIP service you’re not just ‘going online’. We have so many brilliant extras that you just can’t get with traditional services. And they’re all included in the price – which means no nasty bills or unexpected costs. Just one low monthly subscription fee unlocks all the features – whether you just need a single line or ten! 

Switching to VoIP remote working and telecoms

Here are just a few of the brilliant benefits that you should expect when switching to VoIP…

Zero cap-ex – no start-up costs. 

With zero capital expenditure, we could have your business set up and switched in as little as 24 hours. And you don’t pay a penny! All our setup fees are included as part of your monthly subscription. No need to pay extra for an engineer or buy all new equipment. And speaking of new equipment, our VoIP system is Intrinsically de-centralised. Not only is this a perfect option for the current climate, it means that you’re even more connected than ever before. As long as you have access to WiFi or 4G and a device capable of accessing the internet then you’re set.  Laptop? Computer? Smartphone? Tablet? All of these are viable ways for you to connect. There’s no need to buy new VoIP phones or train your staff on new swish equipment. However you connect, you’re accessing FULL office functionality. This means that wherever or however you connect, you’ve got the full setup in the palm of your hand.

Highly flexible, accessible and reliable: It’s safe. 

With in-built disaster recovery, you can switch devices or locations with no interruption to your workflow. Office closed suddenly? You can work from home with your clients being none the wiser. Make and receive calls from your office number on your mobile, and never risk an important call going to voicemail. Need to pass a call onto a colleague? Now you don’t even have to see if they’re at their desk. The system can show you who’s online, and even who’s on a call. With auto-attendant you know that calls are going to the right department. With fully customisable recorded messages, you can direct callers where they need to go.

There is no on-site data required which means you don’t have to worry about moving servers or equipment. Our offsite secure data centres hold everything you need to connect. With end to end encryption on all video calls, you know your call data is in safe hands.

We’re constantly moving with new software. Every time you make a call, you’re connecting to the safest version out there. With dedicated staff to troubleshoot, you don’t have to worry about ringing round the houses if anything should go wrong. Just give our customer support team a call and we’ll get it sorted in-house. No need to call several different providers, or wait for data to be sent. We’ve already got it covered.

Fluctuating economy, fluctuating business needs.

Need something that can grow with you? Not to worry: T4COM is completely scalable and customisable. With the ability to add or remove lines, create call groups with the press of a button or customise numbers. We can make it happen! As well as our ability to grow with you, the feature rich software will enable you to make the most of your business. (As you can read in our blog 5 Ways that VoIP Can Boost Your Business). 

We know what you’re thinking. All of this, for a lower price? That can’t be possible! But we promise you it is. With our single monthly payment that includes all of the above (and more!), our complete package can be tailored around your needs and budget – and still save you as much as 50% on your phone bill. 

But I don’t have the time to switch!

We hate to tell you this, but it’s so much easier than you think. With minimal faff and fuss, we can have you connected in as little as 24 hours – and we do all the hard work! Once you’re ready to make the switch, just let us know and we’ll handle the rest. Not sure what you need? Can’t decide on whether to add that extra line? Want to figure out if this is the right solution for you? Talk to us. We’re happy to help, and we want you to have the perfect business telephony that is tailored to you. Still not sure? Why not book onto one of our FREE 15 minute phone surgeries for more information. No big claims, no porkies: just the facts. After all – there’s only so much we can fit in 15 minutes! We just want you to have the best option for your business.

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