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T4Com Business VoIP during COVID-19 Crisis

T4COM is a specialist (VoIP) Voice over IP operator providing low cost business telecoms to UK companies.

Whether you have 5 lines or 500 we can typically slash your telecoms costs by as much as 40 or 50% whilst still providing the high quality your customers expect.

Our class leading SIP Trunking is provided using a high performance, resilient infrastructure and premium carrier interconnects – primarily with BT but supplemented with others for bespoke services or international reach.

A SIP trunking solution is comprised of the following elements, all of which we provide as a full service solution:-

T4Com Business VoIP SIP Trunking


The VoIP based IP service which, in conjunction with our SIP platforms and UK Carrier interconnections bring your phone system to life.

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T4Com Business VoIP IP network


Bearer circuit providing the connection from your building back to the local exchange and ultimately back to our Data Centres.

T4Com Business VoIP international numbers


We can port your existing numbers (PSTN, ISDN or VoIP) from you current supplier or provide new. New numbers can be single or in ranges and are not limited in geography (so you can have local numbers in various parts of the country or even in other parts of the world).

Backup and Security


The arrangements for business continuity in the event of disaster, circuit fault or office relocation. Our end to end capability means we deliver a service which is optimised for performance and reliability.

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