Future-proofing your business with T4COM

The past couple of months have very much been an exercise in adaptability. We’re now have new-found skills at appearing professional on the weekly team catch up call. Balancing a hot cup of tea in one hand, a keyboard-obsessed cat in the other (just us?). However, constantly having to adapt on the fly to the current shifting sands isn’t sustainable. It’s time to pick a more consistent solution for you and your team.

Remote working has been a normality for many businesses for some time. For others, it’s a ‘learn-on-the-job’ experience. Either way, ensuring that you have a future-proofed telephony system implemented right now could save you much more than money. And every stress off of your mind in the current climate is worth its weight in gold.

It’s time to gear up.

There’s no need to kit out the office with all the bells and whistles. In fact, there’s no need to buy new equipment at all. Switching to T4COM’s VoIP system will not only keep you securely connected in the coming weeks or even months of lockdown. It will also equip you and your staff to work seamlessly with no interruption to work flow. No need for new equipment or phone lines. The same applies to when we all move back into our offices – no faffing required! 

If you were to ask us to identify one thing that makes our systems so brilliant, we’d be stumped. There are far too many extraordinary features that appeal to multinational companies and small businesses alike. Whether it’s the low cost business telecoms or the flexibility and connect-ability of our apps and software. T4COM provides a consistent and customisable service for a competitive monthly subscription cost.

So how does it work?

Once upon a time, phones relied on thick cables, telegraph poles and switchboard operators. You were chained to your desk as that’s where the phone was. The slickest options you had were dialling 1471 or the operator.

Nowadays, telecommunications could be pulled directly out of a 70’s sci-fi show. The newest computers, software or mobile is at the top of any business owner’s upgrade wish list. This means the poor old office landline is often forgotten.  That’s where we step in: with our SIP-trunking system, we take your landline number and bring it into 2020. 

By bringing your business telecoms online, we can not only slash your monthly outgoings by as much as 50%. We also ensure that your business is getting the most up-to-date and secure connection possible as standard.

Cloud telecoms and remote working

So why go online?

Ask anyone today, and you’d be surprised to find a single person who’s life isn’t online. From grocery shopping to banking and even exercising. The accessibility of the internet has meant that we are increasingly connected at all times. So why, then, shouldn’t your business telecoms be as high-tech? 

The best thing is your monthly telecoms costs will be slashed. Have you ever added up all the maintenance and line rental costs associated with a landline? Kiss those costs goodbye! By switching to Cloud telephony with T4COM, you’re ensuring that your business has the most up-to-date systems, but one of the most secure.

Our service comprises of end-to-end video conferencing encryption and 24/7 customer support all managed centrally. We don’t need to rely on third parties – we can fix any issue for you in house. T4COM are not only reliable, but resilient, secure, and trusted. We believe that your business is just that – Your Business. We work tirelessly to ensure all of our customers have the best service possible. No matter if they have five employees or 500. 

We keep you and your data safe. Our system also logs call information meaning that we can diagnose problems in real time. No waiting for someone to email another department. No bouncing from call centre to call centre. We will fix it and ensure it doesn’t happen again. Pretty neat, huh?

So how can this help me now?

The times ahead are uncertain. Concerns over keeping your business afloat during the lockdown are constant. Our system can start saving you money today. You will be set up and ready to go in 24 hours, meaning that there’s minimal work hours lost. Our foolproof interface means that you and your staff can get calling with no training necessary. 

Along with all of the above, we also include vital call and video options. These are keeping countless businesses and sectors steaming along right now. Call menus, auto-answer and call waiting, ring groups and video conferencing. Not only do we provide the phone line, we provide a full business solution. Better still? None of this is an added extra – it comes as standard with your package. In fact, it’s just one of the small perks of our VoIP solution.

The last thing I need right now is trying to update my business number…

It’s the worst isn’t it? You’ve got a new number. You need to update all your stationery. Next – BOOM! There’s that little moment of fear when someone asks for the number and your mind goes… blank…

Or is it? We work very closely with BT and other landline providers so there’s no need to change the number. Amazing, right? And your clients would never know. There’s no suffix to be added and no need for both parties to be online. Anyone calling in just needs to call your number, and they will be connected as if they were ringing a physical landline. You can answer the business line whether you’re at your desk or sunbathing in the back garden.

Okay, but how can I get my staff connected whilst we’re all working from home?

Staying home is a priority for everyone right now. But that’s the great thing about our systems. There’s no need for anyone to leave their homes. Your colleagues simply download our app on their device and then they’re ready to roll. We can set up multiple lines, extensions and ring groups while you and your staff are staying safe indoors. No need to install new phones, buy new headsets or drill any holes. We’ll even provide our own tea and biscuits. Winner. 

Taking the plunge…

We know how daunting such a big switch can be for any business. So we’re offering a free 15 minute surgery where we can talk about your current telephony. We’ll discuss whether VoIP is the next step forward for you. There’s no obligation, and we’re not going to aggressively sell you anything you don’t want. This phone call will be one of those things you’d wished you’d done sooner!

One of the things that we at T4COM pride ourselves on is how we can cater for any situation. All of our services are included in your monthly fees. No add ons, no extra costs, no hidden fees. What you see is what you get. 

So what are you waiting for? We’re currently offering a stunning deal that will transform the way your workforce collaborates now, and in the future. The beauty of VoIP is that when we’re office-based again, there’s no need to port numbers or cancel your re-direct. Your phone line will be ready and waiting for you, no hassle, no problem. Sign up to our solution that gives you the most technically advanced PBX service. Couple that with the UK’s most rock-solid VoIP from T4COM. What more could you ask for?

The benefits include: –

  • Zero cap-ex – no start-up costs
  • Substantial cost saving with an inclusive fixed monthly price
  • Intrinsically de-centralised: work remotely with FULL office functionality across a range of devices
  • Disaster recovery built-in: if your office has problems, we can automatically route calls to other buildings or mobiles
  • Feature rich, scalable and fast to setup
  • No on-site hardware required, everything Is located in our secure datacentres
  • Never miss a call and maintain privacy: make and receive calls from your office number, from your mobile

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