Covid 19: Switch your telecoms to the Cloud for effective remote working

Who answers the office line when there’s no-one in the office?

The Coronavirus has brought into sharp focus the need for staff to work from home. The question is; how do you make the transition effectively when your business relies on an efficient telephony system? 

Switch to our Cloud-based telecoms solution to: 

  • Answer your office extension from home
  • See which of your colleagues are on a call
  • Transfer calls
  • Disguise personal numbers with business numbers on the callerID.
Remote Working graphic

With the Covid-19 lock-down now in place, how can you retain company-wide features such as welcome messages, auto-attendant (“press 1 for accounts…”) or queues/ring groups? These features not only present a professional tone when customers call but are also essential for efficient call handling. 

Covid-19 has also put many companies at risk; struggling to work remotely is not good enough. Companies need to adapt and thrive, in order to survive.

VoIP from T4COM, make and receive calls from your office number

24 hours to go Pro

If it is possible to apply a divert onto your current phone number(s), we can transfer your business and all your staff’s extensions onto one of our Cloud systems in less than 24 hours.

That’s right; within 24 hours, your remote working will move from ‘best efforts’ to ‘best in class’.

Contact us now or use the chat box to find out more.

Need more convincing? Read our blog ‘How VoIP can help your business stay connected while you #stayhome’.