5 ways that VoIP can boost your business

5 ways that VoIP can boost your business

Software for VoIP business telephony has been around since the mid-nineties, but in recent years it has gained in popularity. With it fast becoming the first choice for businesses, it’s no wonder that it’s changing the way we communicate.

We’ve spoken openly about the benefits that VoiP can bring to the day-to-day running of your business. But what about how it can boost your business? Here are just some of the ways that VoIP can help you to get the most out of your telephony.

1. Connectivity

Reliable lines of contact between you and your client is a basic necessity for any business owner. But what about when there’s disruptions? Not able to access the office? Phone lines down? Worldwide pandemic meaning your staff need to stay home? These are all blocks to your lines of communications with your customer meaning a loss in business. 

With VoIP, you can connect anywhere, anytime, and through multiple devices. It’s never been easier to stay connected while staying safe. Don’t risk missing that all important call. You can be available to your clientele whether you’re working from home, the office, or somewhere in-between. 

2. Conversation and customer care

Being able to talk to your customers and clients is key to good business. We all value a company that values their customer. The human connection made through a phone call can make all the difference to a new or existing customer. What if you’re tied to an office line or have to cut a conversation short to catch another call? You’re losing that all important one-to-one connection with them.

With our software, you can re-route calls to available agents, or divert them away from a busy line. Better still? It’s a low cost connection meaning that you don’t have to worry about the bill at the end of the month. Make that all important call with the customer for as long as you want for a fraction of the cost.

3. Consistency

Customers and clients are far more likely to answer their phone if they recognise the dialling code. Being a national company, or a business that covers large areas can mean that you’re losing new leads. You might be working in Birmingham, but your customer base is in Brighton. It would make far more sense to that customer base that your number is a local one.

VoIP is really great for this as not only can you have multiple lines, you can have separate geographical numbers to suit the relevant audience. Stay relevant to your target demographic wherever you’re working from today.

4. Metrics tracking 

Following on from the geographic numbers, VoIP can help you to track your metrics. Running a new campaign and want to track which areas or assets generate the most response? Using a bespoke number can help this. 

With marketing, you can never guarantee which campaign is going to be the one that sticks. Using a bespoke number for each individual advert means that you can monitor how many calls are made to that number. Did they equal a conversion? Which advert or area has generated the most leads? By using a bespoke number you have access to all this information. No need to ask the customer where they came from as it’s all there in your call log. 

Want to find out which area has the most success for your business? By using geographical numbers, a local number will appeal to your clientele and boost business. Need to know which of the recent advertising campaigns was the one that’s raised the most interest? Use a different number for radio ads, print ads and digital to show you where your marketing should be investing. Even a small difference of one just one digit can provide a wealth of invaluable data and metrics.

5. Less overheads

One of our favourite VoIP benefits is the cost. Switching to VoIP doesn’t just cut the immediate overheads associated with business; it can cut you unseen costs too. And less overheads means more revenue to reinvest into the things that really matter. 

Traditional business lines can rack up a bill very quickly and you might not even realise it. Line rental, additional numbers, peak calls, line maintenance and support; all unseen costs added to your bill. Add to that the cost of running an office that can fit all your employees and ensuring that they’re all connected… It builds up very quickly.

VoIP telephony cuts out a lot of these additional extras. T4COM can slash your monthly telephone bills by as much 50%. And with greater flexibility of remote working, the option is there to reduce your office costs too. Downsize the office, encourage remote working, and maybe even do away with the office altogether. When you can be sure your client can contact you wherever you are, the options are limitless. 

Another plus is that our packages are not only cheaper – when you take our hosted service, they’re all inclusive. Setup, support, the software and the safety: it’s all encompassed under your one monthly subscription cost. No added extras, no fear of hidden fees, and no extortionate set-up fees. We can even scale with you, so you only pay for what you need. We can even have you set up in as little as 24 hours meaning no disruption to your business. In fact, with the cost of VoIP being so low, you no longer need to consider your telephone another expense. All this money saved can flow back into the company. With more options for connectivity with your clients than ever before – you’ll have more time for the influx of new callers.

We’ve only scratched the surface of how VoIP can boost your business. In fact, we could talk endlessly about how switching to VoIP can benefit you which is why we run our 15 minute no obligation telephony surgeries. Simply book a time for a call, and we can discuss what options are best for your business. We want you to get the best value, service, and quality – enabling you to do the same for your customers. 
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