Office -> home -> partial remote working: how can T4COM help businesses navigate the current climate for less?

If you’d have asked any of us at the start of the year if 2020 was going to be the year that working remotely became the situation-normal for most businesses, we’d have thought you were bonkers. 

98% of employees state that they would like to work remotely, at least some of the time, for the rest of their career. Whilst the thought of no more commuting, constant access to your own fridge and working in your pyjamas  professional loungewear has been a dream for many employees – a lot of employers didn’t consider remote working an option until the outbreak of COVID-19.  

Like most businesses across the country right now, you’ve probably had your hand forced by the current COVID-19 pandemic, and have found that you weren’t quite prepared for the new way of working that has been thrown at you and your staff. But now that the genie is out of the bottle, many people are wondering how they’re going to return to working in an office environment once the pandemic has passed.

What would you say if we told you that you can seamlessly integrate both ways of working into your future plans for 2020 – and you could do so for a lot less money?

When we talk to our clients, a lot of them are surprised to hear just how much value our VoIP packages hold. We offer so much more than just a ‘phone line’. Our complete service enables our clients not only to effectively unify their workforce and telephony from anywhere in the world, but it also empowers them to accelerate their business even through this time of crisis.

With no outlays or overhead costs such as line rentals, maintenance fees or expensive handsets – switching to T4COM could save you as much as 50% on your current telephony systems. We’ve already spoken in a previous blog about just how much you can save and gain by switching with T4COM, but what most employers want to know is how it will affect their workforce today?

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So why should I integrate remote working into my business?

Once upon a time, it was believed that working from home meant one word: laziness. Employers imagined their employees slumped on the sofa binge watching Netflix whilst ‘pretending’ to look over those finance reports diligently. But if there is one thing that any employee who works from home will tell you – it’s that working from home enables them to get more done in a working day than they do in the office. In fact, a whopping 97% of employees asked agreed that they would recommend working from home to fellow employees.

Here are just some of the reasons given as to why working from home boosted the productivity of staff…

Goodbye grizzly commute: With some workers commuting up to two hours each way every day, that’s ten hours of your employees personal time a week spent just to get to their desk each morning – exhausting! Packed trains, running for the bus in the rain, or having to take 7 flights of stairs because the lift in the station is broken AGAIN – commuting can be overwhelming. Before your employee has walked through office doors, they’ve already run a stressful and tiring gauntlet – and now they’re expected to get through everything the work-day throws at them before repeating the commute home again. Rinse and repeat five days a week, and it’s no wonder that productivity plummets on a Friday: your workforce is shattered!

Switch that with a full night of sleep, a calm morning routine and no travelling to get to their desk and your staff wellbeing will only increase. 

Morale:  When staff wellbeing is high, so too is the business wellbeing. A well cared for team is better prepared to deal with anything that their day throws at them effectively, and will be more enthused and energised to work harder. With access to their own home comforts, employees are able to work the way they want to with little effect on their co-workers. No more arguing over the heating or who’s turn it is to make the tea. It’s hard to have office gripes when that one staff member that insists on eating boiled egg and onion sandwiches without fail every day isn’t stinking out the office. 

Limited distractions: A lot of employers worry that remote working means more potential for distraction for their work-force, but many who work from home say that it allows them to streamline their working and focus uninterrupted on the task at hand.

A  busy office can fool us into thinking that it’s a productive office. But there’s always something to distract you whether it’s a colleague’s unanswered phone, the copier jamming for the third time today or Sarah repeating the exact same story word for word about her date on Friday night. You all know that colleague. Every office has one. That colleague is a productivity killer.

Flexibility: With pre-booked train tickets and office closing times, employee flexibility is a very limited option for staff. However, when working remotely, there is a lot more scope for both employers and employees to work flexibly. Whether it’s working longer evenings or starting earlier when they feel more productive – the ability to be flexible with working means that you’ll be getting your employees at their best. Everyone works to a different rhythm, and the 9-5 isn’t for everyone. Allowing for flexibility ensures that your team is 100% whenever they’re logged in. No staring at a blank spreadsheet watching the cursor blink repeatedly waiting for the caffeine to kick in required. 

Overheads: Speaking of caffeine, nothing saves money like cutting overhead costs. Telephony costs aside, remote working will bring down the cost of electricity and heating, as well as refreshments, consumables, office supplies and all the other costs that mount up. Some companies have gone completely remote and eradicated the costs of renting offices, storage and parking in big central cities. That’s a large chunk of change that can be reinvested back into the business and the workforce.

But what about keeping my team connected?

Our software setup means that no team member will be disconnected. As long as there is access to WiFi or 4G, your staff can stay in touch throughout the working day. With ring groups, video conferencing, and the ability to see who is online, who is in a call and who is away from their desk – you’ll be just as connected as if you were all in the same building. Only there’s no Sarah telling you about her incredibly mundane weekend away with the girls for the second time this hour. You’re welcome.

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So why T4COM?

We don’t mean to brag, but we’re very good at what we do and we believe that we can help you save money. We can have you set up and ready to work in 24 hours, and can even ensure that you keep your current numbers – no need to update those letterheads! We really want to help you and your workforce get engaged, so we’re currently offering businesses a special offer for a limited period only. Sign up to our solution that gives you the most technically advanced PBX service coupled with the UK’s most rock-solid VoIP from T4COM.

The benefits include: –

  • Zero cap-ex – no start-up costs
  • Substantial cost saving with an inclusive fixed monthly price
  • Intrinsically de-centralised: work remotely with FULL office functionality across a range of devices
  • Disaster recovery built-in: if your office has problems, we can automatically route calls to other buildings or mobiles
  • Feature rich, scalable and fast to setup
  • No on-site hardware required, everything Is located in our secure datacentres
  • Never miss a call and maintain privacy: make and receive calls from your office number, from your mobile
  • Single point of contact for assistance or technical support.

Okay – but I still need a physical office too…

That’s the best bit – using T4COM means that your employees can transition seamlessly between both home and office without having to fuss about with forwarding phones, out of office messages or relying on post-it notes left on desks reminding them to return calls. Either through softphones, desktops or mobile devices – our software means that they can log into the system wherever they are – and your clients will be none the wiser. When the time comes to re-open the office, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is just how long the milk has been in the fridge, and whether you’ll need another week at home to open the windows and let it air out! 

So not only are we offering you less overheads, we’re also offering a level of flexibility, availability and access to your workforce that you’ve never had before. Whether it’s working through a global pandemic, or just another Wednesday – T4COM are connecting our customers for less. 
Connect your users today and take advantage of this extraordinary offer – contact us now!

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