How T4COM is keeping workforces safely connected for less during COVID19.

Zero cap-ex, no startup costs, and end-to-end encryption, that’s how! 

It’s been a mad few weeks hasn’t it? From outbreak to lock-down, it feels as though there hasn’t been time to stop and take a breather, let alone dig through the Ts & Cs of all the new tech required to keep you and your staff working from home.

The increase in demand for remote working solutions has sky-rocketed over the past fortnight, and users can be lulled into the idea that all these services have their best interests at heart, but with the ever growing lists of concerns around the practices and behaviours surrounding relatively new up-and-coming software like Zoom, it really is best to hold fire and do some research into who you’re sharing your calls with.

Thankfully that’s where we step in. No, this isn’t a lengthy sales pitch – we promise! We’re here to demystify the facts and unravel the tech jargon for you so that you understand what to expect from a service like ours and know just the right questions to ask when you decide to make the jump to Cloud-based telephony. And if you happen to have any follow up questions, all you have to do is ring us and ask for a 15 minute free no obligation consultation.

So who are we?

T4Com is an engineering-led operation providing our customers with the benefit of close customer support and the benefit of many years’ telecom experience. As a VoIP carrier we are linked with many other UK operators and are fully interoperable with BT.  By partnering with these industry leaders, we can ensure that we are providing the most reliable and technologically advanced VoIP solutions for our clients. Translation: we’ve done this for a while, and we know our stuff!

We are certified SIP Trunking Providers for 3CX and Yeastar systems, however our SIP Trunking isn’t limited and is widely used with other systems such as Asterisk, Avaya, Cistco etc., and no client is too big or too small to benefit from our expertise. From small start-ups to international corporate companies using several hundred channels apiece, we have a VoIP solution that will work for you. 

Jargon translation: our systems and softwares play really well with others.

So what makes us safer than other options on the market right now?

One of the most important aspects of business is often the last thing that people think of when their workforce is working remotely from home. Confidentiality extends further than just personal details, and ensuring that your meeting isn’t being hijacked or overheard by nefarious eavesdroppers is something we take very seriously. For your business to work smoothly it needs to stay just that: YOUR business! 

All of our free video calls are end-to-end encrypted and, unlike Zoom, can only be accessed by those who should be there. No need to worry about your call being routed through China or your information being shared with third parties – we protect your privacy so that you can focus on what’s important.

All of our services are monitored and alarmed 24/7, and we record the SIP signalling for every call that we carry. This gives us forensic analysis of calls to facilitate a fast and efficient support in the event that any customers are having problems. Great for finding out why your call was dropped midway through a key meeting – not so great for pretending you’re driving through a tunnel when calling into a meeting that you’d rather avoid…

Jargon translation: We’re not sharing any of your information with your rivals or shady characters in disguise.

And because we’ve built on our VoIP carrier service, we’re able to provide a fully managed and hosted service for business telecom users. We don’t need to refer to other providers about network difficulties or technical problems: we built it, so we can fix it – no ‘pending further information from our partners’ required. And if there’s a problem at your end (office is inaccessible due to a roving gang of particularly aggressive squirrels, or there’s a fire alarm) you can use our built in disaster recovery feature and have all calls rerouted to another office or your mobile so that you never miss a call (unless you’re driving through a tunnel mid way through Janet’s third meeting about finance this week…).

Jargon translation:  if something goes wrong, we don’t have to rely on anyone else to fix it for us – we can do it all ourselves! 

So what else can T4COM do?

As well as providing all of our years of expertise and offering you a safe, secure and reliable telephony service, we can also save you money. In fact, we think we could save you a LOT of money.

Our pricing model is simple and includes…

  • Initial setup/configuration (we can have you set up in as little as 24 hours!)
  • Comprehensive support
  • Full system management including upgrades, security enhancements, troubleshooting etc.
  • Up to 5 Free UK phone numbers (DIDs)
  • International numbers also available
  • Free porting of your existing numbers
  • Free calls to UK Landline 01/02/03 and Mobile numbers (EE, O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Three). Other calls are charged at our normal rates.
  • Free inbound calls (apart from 0800)
  • Free softphones
  • 24/7 service monitoring

All of the above is included with your package – there’s no multi-level options: all of our customers get the best that we can give. And your package is as big as you need it to be – it can grow with you as your business does meaning that you only ever have to pay for what you need.

But that’s just what we provide as standard – don’t forget the features that will help make your job so much easier…

  • Browser and Mobile clients meaning that you can work from your PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile – no new hardware required
  • Our auto-attendant means that your callers are welcomed and routed to the right department efficiently before your phone ever rings. Our call queuing also features hold music so callers aren’t left waiting in silence.
  • Normal PBX functionality such as ring groups, call forwarding, hold etc.
  • For managers and team leaders, our call recording is great for training and customer support, and wallboard functionality enables you to see who’s online, who’s in a call, and the call efficiency of your staff. No need to ring them to check they’re working – you can check in remotely.
  • Call popups will ensure you never miss a call when working from your computer. Discreet and unintrusive, the app will let you know when you have a call.

That’s everything we offer as standard. No hidden costs, no sharing of your data, and no gold member only levels: what you see is what you get. All of our customers are VIPs, and our single point of contact means that you don’t have to ring around the houses to get the help you need. 

There are many offers of free services, softwares and platforms floating around right now, but you’re not always getting what you’re paying for. We can guarantee the above as a minimum right now for a limited time only, so why settle for anything less? Protect your business today – you’ll thank yourself tomorrow!

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