5 ways that VoIP can boost your business

Software for VoIP business telephony has been around since the mid-nineties, but in recent years it has gained in popularity. With it fast becoming the first choice for businesses, it’s no wonder that it’s changing the way we communicate.

We’ve spoken openly about the benefits that VoiP can bring to the day-to-day running of your business. But what about how it can boost your business? Here are just some of the ways that VoIP can help you to get the most out of your telephony.

1. Connectivity

Reliable lines of contact between you and your client is a basic necessity for any business owner. But what about when there’s disruptions? Not able to access the office? Phone lines down? Worldwide pandemic meaning your staff need to stay home? These are all blocks to your lines of communications with your customer meaning a loss in business. 

With VoIP, you can connect anywhere, anytime, and through multiple devices. It’s never been easier to stay connected while staying safe. Don’t risk missing that all important call. You can be available to your clientele whether you’re working from home, the office, or somewhere in-between. 

2. Conversation and customer care

Being able to talk to your customers and clients is key to good business. We all value a company that values their customer. The human connection made through a phone call can make all the difference to a new or existing customer. What if you’re tied to an office line or have to cut a conversation short to catch another call? You’re losing that all important one-to-one connection with them.

With our software, you can re-route calls to available agents, or divert them away from a busy line. Better still? It’s a low cost connection meaning that you don’t have to worry about the bill at the end of the month. Make that all important call with the customer for as long as you want for a fraction of the cost.

3. Consistency

Customers and clients are far more likely to answer their phone if they recognise the dialling code. Being a national company, or a business that covers large areas can mean that you’re losing new leads. You might be working in Birmingham, but your customer base is in Brighton. It would make far more sense to that customer base that your number is a local one.

VoIP is really great for this as not only can you have multiple lines, you can have separate geographical numbers to suit the relevant audience. Stay relevant to your target demographic wherever you’re working from today.

4. Metrics tracking 

Following on from the geographic numbers, VoIP can help you to track your metrics. Running a new campaign and want to track which areas or assets generate the most response? Using a bespoke number can help this. 

With marketing, you can never guarantee which campaign is going to be the one that sticks. Using a bespoke number for each individual advert means that you can monitor how many calls are made to that number. Did they equal a conversion? Which advert or area has generated the most leads? By using a bespoke number you have access to all this information. No need to ask the customer where they came from as it’s all there in your call log. 

Want to find out which area has the most success for your business? By using geographical numbers, a local number will appeal to your clientele and boost business. Need to know which of the recent advertising campaigns was the one that’s raised the most interest? Use a different number for radio ads, print ads and digital to show you where your marketing should be investing. Even a small difference of one just one digit can provide a wealth of invaluable data and metrics.

5. Less overheads

One of our favourite VoIP benefits is the cost. Switching to VoIP doesn’t just cut the immediate overheads associated with business; it can cut you unseen costs too. And less overheads means more revenue to reinvest into the things that really matter. 

Traditional business lines can rack up a bill very quickly and you might not even realise it. Line rental, additional numbers, peak calls, line maintenance and support; all unseen costs added to your bill. Add to that the cost of running an office that can fit all your employees and ensuring that they’re all connected… It builds up very quickly.

VoIP telephony cuts out a lot of these additional extras. T4COM can slash your monthly telephone bills by as much 50%. And with greater flexibility of remote working, the option is there to reduce your office costs too. Downsize the office, encourage remote working, and maybe even do away with the office altogether. When you can be sure your client can contact you wherever you are, the options are limitless. 

Another plus is that our packages are not only cheaper – when you take our hosted service, they’re all inclusive. Setup, support, the software and the safety: it’s all encompassed under your one monthly subscription cost. No added extras, no fear of hidden fees, and no extortionate set-up fees. We can even scale with you, so you only pay for what you need. We can even have you set up in as little as 24 hours meaning no disruption to your business. In fact, with the cost of VoIP being so low, you no longer need to consider your telephone another expense. All this money saved can flow back into the company. With more options for connectivity with your clients than ever before – you’ll have more time for the influx of new callers.

We’ve only scratched the surface of how VoIP can boost your business. In fact, we could talk endlessly about how switching to VoIP can benefit you which is why we run our 15 minute no obligation telephony surgeries. Simply book a time for a call, and we can discuss what options are best for your business. We want you to get the best value, service, and quality – enabling you to do the same for your customers. 
Book your call today by clicking here, or give us a call on 01252 364 384.

VoIP and your data:

VoIP and your data: How T4COM can guarantee the safety of your data during the COVID19 crisis.

Cloud-based technology has boomed in recent years, and with it a whole new appreciation for our data security. It’s no secret that legislation has struggled to keep up with the ever shifting sands that is our data security. But why is it that we keep hearing about data-breaches, GDPR non-compliance and losing control of our data? Surely it’s not that serious, right? With the recent COVID19 outbreak, remote working has suddenly become the new normal. However, with the drastically short timeline of the lockdown, many businesses simply were not prepared for what that entailed. Scrambling to keep up with new demands on their workforce, keeping staff connected became a focal point for business owners. 

Fast and free – the perfect deal, right?

You’re in the midst of a pandemic. All of your staff are now relying on the ability to work at home meaning your workforce is scattered. Worse still, the economy is struggling – you know that just from looking at your balance sheet alone. How do you ensure business continuity, for minimal cost and maximum connectivity? Rapid timelines and the overall confusion of the lockdown have rendered many business owners at a loss. Then, a seemingly brilliant light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a free-to-use software appeared. Users flocked en masse to sign up without consideration for the actual cost. 

When the security breaches and privacy issues surrounding softwares like Zoom and Houseparty were revealed, many were surprised at just how insidious they were. Even business accounts and paying customers were being failed when it came to security. Suddenly it became all too apparent why they weren’t a cheap and convenient alternative to subscription services. You’re getting what you pay for.

VoIP and your data

If it looks too good to be true, is it too good to be true? 

 “So what if someone ‘Zoom-bombs’ my call? It’s a nuisance, but it’s hardly a security breach”. That wasn’t the worst of it. With sophisticated methods that enabled hackers to log all of your account passwords, or to take control of your computer: The lack of security is a very real and serious problem. Remember when the Zoom app was sending data from your phone to Facebook for marketing purposes? Zoom retroactively changed their policies after it was discovered. Whilst they may seem like the most cost-effective option, these services can lose you much more than money. From passwords, to bank accounts, personal information, and business critical documents. Software with lax security has the potential to share this information with anyone looking to find it. The right to privacy is a fundamental human right. You wouldn’t give this right up to a stranger on the street, so why give it away so easily online?

Okay, but isn’t T4COM offering a similar service?

While we offer a Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephony service, we are vastly different in many ways. First of all, we take your data security incredibly seriously. We would never share or sell your information to another business. We strive to ensure that your data is just that: yours. As well as end to end encryption on video conferencing, there’s no need for on site data storage. All of your information is held in secure, off site data banks. Better still, we will manage everything ourselves, meaning that you have only one point of contact. No need for your information to be bounced around the houses. We demand the highest standard of security, and only expect the same demand for our clients.

High standards aren’t just demanded in terms of security. There are many features with our service that can keep your business running smoothly through these uncertain times. We know how difficult it is out there, so we make your telephony as simple and cost-effective as possible.

But what about the cost? From what you’ve said, cheap isn’t always best.

One of things that we pride ourselves on is that our costs are always competitive. Firstly, there is zero capital expenditure. We don’t charge you for a set-up fee, and you’ll be set up in 24 hours. All without paying a thing! With one monthly subscription that covers everything – including setup – you’re already ahead of the game. Add to that the fact that we deal with all questions and enquiries centrally, you’re not paying multiple providers. You’re paying just for us – we can handle the rest. Another price saver is that with VoIP telephony, you’re not covering the cost to maintain phone lines. Engineers, cables, upkeep; all of that is incorporated into your telephone bill. When you cut out the physical line you cut out the physical costs. You get one monthly bill that encompasses all of our services. No add ons, no hidden fees, and no unexpected costs. Better still, we believe that we can save you up to 50% on your current telephony bills. Pretty nifty, eh? And that’s just the start.

As well as reliable and dependable secure service, the T4com plan can offer you…

  • Portability: log on to any computer, smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world and have instant access. Phone calls can follow you wherever you go, and as long as you have internet access, your customers can access you.
  • Scalability: we will grow with you. Whether it’s five phone lines, or fifty – as you grow so will we. 
  • Fully managed: as we deal with everything, you’ll only ever need to call us. No need to call or wait on other providers if you have a question. We can sort it for you.
  • Disaster recovery: Office is closed due to flood, or national lockdown keeping you at home? Not a problem. Your calls can automatically be re-routed to a different location. No fuss, no mess, and no wet shoes.
  • Auto call handling: whether you’re in your office, the home office, or the doctor’s office. Our automated call handling maintains that level of professionalism wherever you need to take the call. From call groups, to a menu of options – you can ensure your calls go to who they’re supposed to.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Honestly, we could keep talking for days about how brilliant we are, but we’d rather you found out for yourself! We offer 15 minute free and no obligation surgeries to see how we can help. We’re not going to give you the hard sell, and we’re not going to email you incessantly. We just think that your business deserves the best. You can book yours via our online booking form here: https://www.t4com.co.uk/contact-t4com/. Alternatively, call us on 01252 364 384, and let us know how we can change your telephony today.

Softphone vs. VoIP phone. What’s the difference?

If you’re anything like us, the word ‘softphone’ whisks you back to the ‘90s. A time when inflatable furniture was a very real thing. Novelty fuzzy telephones were a must have for any teen wishing for their own private phone line. (Hands up; who remembers telling their sibling to get off the line and stop listening to their very private calls?). But the reality of a softphone is, thankfully, much cooler than that.  

Softphones aren’t actual physical phones through which your calls are made. They’re a nifty bit of software that allows you to make and receive calls via your smart device. Some of you out there might wonder why you’d need such an application. Why not just use a landline or smartphone? Agreed, it might seem a bit excessive to have a phone app on your phone, but hear us out.

Why are softphones better than your standard landline and mobile?

You have an office full of phones and desktops. Then there’s the mobile phones for remote working. The laptop for remote working and all the different numbers to remember. It makes sense that you have all the equipment to hand. This ensures that your staff are both contactable and enabled to continue their job. No matter where they are – office, on the road or working from home.

But that’s a lot of tech. A lot of numbers to remember. Not to mention the cost of maintaining the landlines and the monthly bill. There’s also the countless mobile devices that each have their own data plans. It may feel like the more physical options you have, the more flexible your working day becomes. But in actuality you’re creating more resources than you need.

Softphones are portable. Your number stays with you no matter which device you’re logged in with (whether it’s a computer, tablet, or smartphone). There’s no need to set up call forwarding each time you leave the office. As long as you have connection to the internet, you’re connected to your telephony network. Better still – by keeping the same phone number for your business, you can maintain a professional front. Your clients don’t have to use multiple numbers to get hold of you.

The next great benefit is one of our favourites. Softphones cost you absolutely nothing from T4COM as they are part of our Hosted Telecoms service. There’s no connection fee, no need to buy physical handsets or swish new tech to make your calls from. It’s a simple case of downloading the app, and away you go. No need for the newest gadgets or gizmos or swish new add-ons. However you want to make your call is entirely up to you.

Okay, but what about VoIP phones? Aren’t they the same thing?

It’s very easy when talking about using VoIP systems to confuse VoIP handsets with softphones. However, VoIP phones (handsets) are a thing in themselves.

Similar to your landline handset, a VoIP phone is a physical desk phone that connects to VoIP via the internet. It connects via the office, and then to the internet to access the service. 

Available as both traditional desk phones and cordless handsets, VoIP phones are high quality. They work with dedicated hardware meaning that your call will always be crystal clear. (Softphones will be dependent on the quality of the microphone and speaker on the device that you are using). Our VoIP phones also connect directly with our system (hosted in our secure, offsite data centres) via the internet.

But I thought you said I didn’t need a physical handset?

You don’t! VoIP phones are a great option if you’re running a more traditional office or call centre (for example). But they’re not a necessity when switching to VoIP telephony. Each option has its own pros and cons. We can help get you set up with whichever solution works best for you. For the best of both worlds you can even have both – use your VoIP phone in the office and our softphone when you are working remotely.

It’s not just softphones that our package offers. We at T4COM believe that our clients should have the best service. After all, businesses don’t run themselves! 

Cloud telecoms and remote working

So how can T4COM work for me?

We have clients from all fields and sectors who have made the switch to cloud-based telephony. They’ve never looked back! At T4COM, we offer a package tailored specifically around yours and your business’ needs. We work with you to help you get the best out of all the services that we can offer. Our packages encompass all you might need with no add on charges or additional costs. What you see is what you get.

Just some of the reasons our customers love working with us are…

  • We can save you up to 50% on your current telephony costs.
  • There are no added extras and no hidden fees.
  • We’re dedicated to working with you, and we manage all of our systems ourselves. This means there’s no waiting on another supplier or tech provided to troubleshoot and solve problems. Just call our dedicated team and we’ll fix it.
  • Scalable systems mean that as your business grows, so can your telephony. No matter how big you grow, we will grow with you!
  • We take security VERY seriously, and we know that you do too. There’s no onsite hardware required as everything goes through our secure data centres. All video calls are end-to-end encrypted. The only people listening to your very important sales pitches are the ones who are supposed to be there.
  • Disaster recovery is built in. Dropped a call? With our data service we can access the call log and see what went wrong. International pandemic means you can no longer access the office? Not to worry – the portability means you can log in from anywhere and not lose any information in the process.
  • You pay nothing for the entire set up. We can get everything set up for you in as little as 24 hours. All you have to pay is the monthly fee for your package. How brilliant is that? Better still – we can port your old number meaning that there’s no need to update your marketing collateral. 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not, and we’d be delighted to tell you more about how we can help you today.

Office -> home -> partial remote working: How can T4COM help businesses navigate the current climate for less?

2020 – the year of ‘unprecedented times’. How were we to know in January that working remotely would be the situation-normal for most businesses? We’d have thought this kind of prediction would be a bonkers concept.

98% of employees state that they would like to work partially remotely, for the rest of their career. No more commuting, access to your own fridge and working in pyjamas  professional loungewear is a dream for many employees. However, a lot of employers didn’t consider remote working an option until the outbreak of COVID-19.  

Like most businesses across the country right now, you’ve probably had your hand forced by the current COVID-19 pandemic. You may have found that you weren’t quite prepared for this new way of working. But now that the genie is out of the bottle, many are wondering how they’re going to return to working in an office once the pandemic has passed.

So, how do we sail this new ship?

We’ll tell you how. You can now seamlessly integrate both ways of working into your future plans. Better still – you could do so for a lot less money!

When we talk to our clients, they’re always surprised to hear just how much value our VoIP packages hold. We offer so much more than just a ‘phone line’. Our complete service enables our clients to not only effectively unify their workforce and telephony from anywhere in the world. It also empowers them to accelerate their business even through times of crisis.

Switching to T4COM could save you as much as 50% on your current telephony systems. There are no outlays or overhead costs such as line rentals, maintenance fees or expensive handsets. We’ve already spoken in a previous blog about just how much you can save and gain by switching with T4COM. But, what most employers want to know is how it will affect their workforce today?

Woman at home office desk remote working

So, why should I integrate remote working into my business?

Once upon a time, it was believed that working from home meant one thing. Laziness. Employers imagined their employees slumped on the sofa binge watching Netflix. But, if there’s one thing that any employee who works from home will tell you… It’s that working from home enables them to get more done in a day than they do in the office. In fact, a whopping 97% of employees asked agreed that they would recommend working from home to fellow employees.

Here are just some of the reasons given as to why working from home boosted the productivity of staff…

For you…

Limited distractions: Many employers worry that remote working means more potential for distraction for their work-force. However, many home workers say that it allows them to streamline their workload and focus on the task at hand. A busy office can often be confused with a productive office.

Overheads: Nothing saves money like cutting overhead costs. Telephony costs aside, remote working will bring down the cost of electricity and heating. The same also applies to refreshments, consumables, office supplies and all the other costs that mount up. Some companies go completely remote and have eradicated the costs of renting offices, storage and parking in big central cities. That’s a large chunk of change that can be reinvested back into the business and the workforce.

For your staff…

Goodbye grizzly commute: Some workers commute up to two hours each way every day. That’s ten hours of your employees personal time a week spent just to get to their desk each morning. Before your employee has walked through office doors, they’ve already run a stressful gauntlet. Now they’re expected to get through everything the work-day throws at them before repeating the commute home again. Rinse and repeat five days a week. It’s no wonder that productivity plummets on a Friday. Your workforce are shattered!

Switch that to a full night’s sleep, a calm morning routine and no travelling to get to their desk. Your staff’s wellbeing is bound to increase. 

Morale:  When staff wellbeing is high, so too is the business wellbeing. A well cared for team is better prepared to deal with anything that their day throws at them. They will be more enthused and energised to work harder. With access to their home comforts, employees can work the way they want to with little effect on their co-workers. No more arguing over the heating or who’s turn it is to make the tea. Winner!

Flexibility: With pre-booked train tickets and office closing times, employee flexibility is a very limited option. However, when working remotely, there is a lot more scope for both employers and employees to work flexibly. Whether it’s working longer evenings or starting earlier when they feel more productive. The ability to be flexible with working means that you’ll be getting your employees at their best. Everyone works to a different rhythm; the 9-5 isn’t for everyone. Allowing for flexibility ensures that your team is 100% whenever they’re logged in. No staring at a blank spreadsheet watching the cursor blink repeatedly waiting for the caffeine to kick in required. 

But what about keeping my team connected?

Our software setup means that no team member will ever be disconnected. As long as there is access to WiFi or 4G, your staff can stay in touch throughout the working day. With ring groups, video-conferencing and user monitoring, you’ll be as connected as if you were all in the same building. Only there’s no Sarah telling you about her incredibly mundane weekend away with the girls for the second time this hour. You’re welcome.

Women on conference call remote working

So why T4COM?

We don’t mean to brag, but we’re very good at what we do. We can have you set up and ready to work in 24 hours. You keep your current numbers – no need to update those letterheads!

To keep workforces engaged during the pandemic, we’re currently offering businesses a special offer for a limited period only. Get the most technically advanced PBX service coupled with the UK’s most rock-solid VoIP from T4COM. Sign up to our solution!

The benefits include: –

  • Zero cap-ex – no start-up costs
  • Substantial cost saving with an inclusive fixed monthly price
  • Intrinsically de-centralised: work remotely with FULL office functionality across a range of devices
  • Disaster recovery built-in: if your office has problems, we can automatically route calls to other buildings or mobiles
  • Feature rich, scalable and fast to setup
  • No on-site hardware required, everything Is located in our secure datacentres
  • Never miss a call and maintain privacy: make and receive calls from your office number, from your mobile
  • Single point of contact for assistance or technical support.

Okay – but I still need a physical office too…

That’s the best bit. Using T4COM means that your employees can transition seamlessly between both home and office. No need to fuss about with forwarding phones, out of office messages or relying on ‘trusty’ post-it-note reminders. Either through softphones, desktops or mobile devices – our software means that they can log into the system wherever they are. Your clients will be none the wiser! The only thing you’ll need to worry about? Just how long HAS the milk been left in the office fridge during lockdown?

So, not only are we offering you less overheads. We’re also offering a level of flexibility, availability and access to your workforce that you’ve never had before. Whether it’s working through a global pandemic, or just another Wednesday – T4COM are connecting our customers for less. 
Connect your users today and take advantage of this extraordinary offer – contact us now!

How T4COM is keeping workforces safely connected for less during COVID19.

Zero cap-ex, no startup costs, and end-to-end encryption, that’s how! 

What a mad few weeks! From outbreak to lock-down, it feels as though there hasn’t been time to stop and take a breather. Not to mention the new tech required to keep you and your staff working from home.

The increase in demand for remote working solutions has recently sky-rocketed. Users can be lulled into the idea that all these services have their best interests at heart. Growing concerns around practices and behaviours surrounding relatively new software like Zoom are mounting. So now, it really is best to hold fire and do some research into who you’re sharing your calls with.

Thankfully that’s where we step in. No, this isn’t a lengthy sales pitch – we promise! We’re here to demystify the facts and unravel the tech jargon for you so that you understand what to expect. When you decide to make the jump to Cloud-based telephony – give us a call! Ask for our 15 minute free no obligation consultation.

keeping workforces safely connected during COVID-19 lockdown

So who are we?

T4COM is an engineering-led operation. We provide our customers with the benefit of close customer support. Another added benefit is our many years’ telecom experience. As a VoIP carrier, we are linked with many other UK operators and are fully interoperable with BT.  By partnering with these industry leaders, we provide the most reliable and technologically advanced VoIP solutions for our clients. Translation: we’ve done this for a while, and we know our stuff!

We are certified SIP Trunking Providers for 3CX and Yeastar systems. However, our SIP Trunking isn’t limited and is widely used with other systems such as Asterisk, Avaya, Cistco etc. No client is too big or too small to benefit from our expertise. From small start-ups to international corporate companies using several hundred channels apiece. We have a VoIP solution that will work for you. 

Jargon translation: our systems and softwares play really well with others.

So what makes us safer than other options on the market right now?

Among the most important aspects of working from home is confidentiality. It extends further than just personal details. Ensuring that your meeting isn’t being hijacked or overheard by nefarious eavesdroppers is something we take very seriously. For your business to work smoothly it needs to stay just that: YOUR business! 

All of our video calls are end-to-end encrypted. Unlike Zoom, they can only be accessed by those who should be there. No need to worry about your call being routed through China. No information is being shared with third parties. We protect your privacy so that you can focus on what’s important.

Our services are monitored and alarmed 24/7. We also record the SIP signalling for every call that we carry. This gives us forensic analysis of calls to facilitate in fast and efficient support. Great for finding out why your call was dropped midway through a key meeting. Not so great for pretending you’re driving through a tunnel when calling into a meeting that you’d rather avoid…

Jargon translation: We’re not sharing any of your information with your rivals or shady characters in disguise.

Because we’ve built on our VoIP carrier service, we’re able to provide a fully managed and hosted service for business telecom users. We don’t need to refer to other providers about network difficulties or technical problems. We built it, so we can fix it. No ‘pending further information from our partners’ required. If there’s a problem at your end (office is inaccessible due to a roving gang of particularly aggressive squirrels, for example). You can use our built in disaster recovery feature. Simply reroute your calls to another office or your mobile so that you never miss a call. (Unless you’re driving through a tunnel mid way through Janet’s third meeting about finance this week…).

Jargon translation:  if something goes wrong, we don’t have to rely on anyone else to fix it for us – we can do it all ourselves! 

So, what else can T4COM do?

Not only can we apply our years of expertise to offer you a safe, secure and reliable telephony service. We can also save you money. In fact, we think we could save you a LOT of money.

Our pricing model is simple and includes…

  • Initial setup/configuration (we can set you up in as little as 24 hours!)
  • Comprehensive support
  • Full system management including upgrades, security enhancements, troubleshooting etc.
  • Up to 5 Free UK phone numbers (DIDs)
  • International numbers also available
  • Free porting of your existing numbers
  • Free calls to UK Landline 01/02/03 and Mobile numbers (EE, O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Three). Other calls are charged at our normal rates.
  • Free inbound calls (apart from 0800)
  • Free softphones
  • 24/7 service monitoring.

All of the above is included with your package. There’s no multi-level options. All our customers get the best that we can give. Your package will be as big as you need it to be right now. It grows with you as your business does, meaning that you only ever have to pay for what you need.

But that’s just what we provide as standard. Don’t forget the features that will help make your job so much easier…

  • Browser and Mobile clients meaning that you can work from your PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile. No new hardware required
  • Our auto-attendant means that your callers are welcomed and routed to the right department efficiently before your phone ever rings. Call queuing also features hold music so callers aren’t left waiting in silence.
  • Normal PBX functionality such as ring groups, call forwarding, hold etc.
  • For managers and team leaders, our call recording is great for training and customer support. Wallboard functionality enables you to see who’s online, who’s in a call, and the call efficiency of your staff. No need to ring them to check they’re working – you can check in remotely.
  • Call popups will ensure you never miss a call when working from your computer. Discreet and unintrusive, the app will let you know when you have a call.
3CX VoIP call software keeping workforces safely connected

That’s everything we offer as standard. No hidden costs, no sharing of your data, and no gold member only levels. What you see is what you get. We treat all our customers as VIPs. Our single point of contact means that you don’t have to ring around the houses to get the help you need. 

There are many offers of free services, softwares and platforms floating around right now. But you won’t always get what you’re paying for. We can guarantee the above as a minimum right now for a limited time only. Why settle for anything less? Protect your business today – you’ll thank yourself tomorrow!

For more information or to enquire about this offer, click here