Switching to VoIP? Here is a shopping list of the top things to prepare for

You may have spotted over the past few weeks that people are talking about BT looking to move towards a VoIP system over the coming years. We are getting close to the point where BT will no longer accept new ISDN orders with a view of moving all of their telephony to VoIP by the end of 2025. At that point ISDN services will no longer exist.

So I will eventually need to switch – but why now?

The COVID-19 outbreak has broken the expectations of the traditional office-based 9-5. With more people working from home than ever, business telephony has had to adapt quickly. There may be another 5 years until BT intends to move away from the ISDN network. However, remote working and access is an issue facing businesses TODAY.

Change is coming.

Whether it’s five years down the line, or tomorrow. New ways of working are here today, and they’re a very real issue. Flexible working has become a new expectation from both employees, and many businesses. But with ISDN, your business is restricted to the traditional office-based phone lines. First launched by BT in 1986, ISDN was the revolutionary new system designed to bring telephony into the future. Short for Integrated Service Digital Network, ISDN was the jump from the outdated and unreliable landline technology to a digital system. And it wasn’t just the phone that the ISDN was keeping connected. It enabled it’s users to access the fastest internet speeds at the time – 128 kbps! We regularly update our internet access to ensure the fastest and more reliable access, so why not do the same for your telephony?

Change makes us all nervous – especially when it comes to our business. But switching to VoIP might not be as big a change as you’re expecting. Perhaps you’re envisaging having to invest in all new VoIP handsets. Or maybe it’s the retraining of all your staff that’s concerning you? Well the good news is that while you should expect some change, it might not be as drastic as you think. There’s no need to buy new hardware – your telephony can be run off of your smartphone, tablet, or even your computer. With our user friendly app, you can log in from any device and access your system – wherever you’re working from that day. There’s no need to lose work hours to training staff on a new system – the app is intuitive and easy to use. 

There are, however, some things that you might need to address before you can jump on the VoIP train. Here are a few small things to consider…

Have you got the juice?

A stable internet connection is key for VoiP telephony. Whether it’s WiFi or 4G – as long as you are connected to the internet you are connected to your business line. But is your internet service provider up to your standards? Give them a call and ask them if they can support VoIP systems to ensure that you’re getting the best quality service for the best price.

Switching to VoIP discussion with team

Get the team up to speed.

With our service, you’re going to have access to your workforce availability that you didn’t have before. With the ability to remote manage your team, it’s time to get a management plan in place. Ensure everyone knows where they sit within their call groups and what the expectation is if the phone is ringing. You can even direct calls remotely meaning that no phone goes unanswered. 

Use of our features such as auto-assistant and pre-recorded messages are a must too. With calls being automatically directed to the department they’re meant for, it’s important your team knows that when their line rings, they know it’s for them! 

Keep it safe.

As with shopping for any service, it’s important to know that your provider values your interests. When shopping around for the right VoIP provider for you, ask whether they are aware of the potential security complications surrounding VoIP. Ask what their security protocols are, and how they would respond. Discuss how they intend to protect your assets, and what to do should there be any concern with your experience. Ask as many questions as you can think of. Your business is just that – yours! So ensure that your provider understands just how important security is for you. 

At T4COM, we pride ourselves on our systems in place to keep your data secure. From our off-site secure data stores, to end-to-end encryption on all video calls. We demand the highest level of security from our providers – why should you demand any less?

Talk to your potential provider. 

Customer care is everything. If a provider isn’t taking you seriously when you’re thinking about switching to them, you have to consider how they’re going to behave once you’re a customer. At T4COM, our customer care is everything to us. All enquiries are dealt with via a single point of contact: this means that you’re not ringing around the houses trying to find an answer. All requests can be handled in-house.

With our continuous data monitoring, we’re able to look back through your logs and ascertain what went wrong. Dropped a call? Issues connecting? We can review the data and find out why. This enables us to solve any issues faster, meaning you don’t lose any business.

We want to work with you so that the bespoke package you’re receiving is specific to your business needs. In fact, we can’t talk to you enough about your business needs. That’s why we offer free, no obligation phone surgeries. We’ll recommend what we think is the best system for your business – even if that isn’t through us. No hard sell, no badgering follow up calls; we just want you to get the telephony you deserve.

Only accept what you want.

Add ons can add up quickly. Whether it’s set up costs, additional lines, extra security: you shouldn’t be paying extra for a good service. Be mindful when providers start offering features that you don’t necessarily need. 

It’s easy to get swept up in deals and bargains, but be wary of anyone trying to sell you something you just don’t need. Time and consideration should be taken when you’re changing providers, and time limited deals should be approached with caution. Take the time you need to consider all your options. 

At T4COM we include all costs in our one monthly bill. There’s no additional set up costs, or up front payment to get you connected. Your package will include everything that you need with no sneaky add ons or unexpected fees. Our packages are all encompassing meaning that you are literally getting what you pay for. 

So, what’s the next step?

Talk to us! We’re here to answer any questions you might have about the ISDN shutdown and switching to VoIP. If you’re ready, we can have you set up in just 24 hours. Our package means you don’t pay a thing until your first bill, and each package is tailored to you. Contact us today on 01252 364384 or complete our enquiries form here for more information.

Future-proofing your business with T4COM

The past couple of months have very much been an exercise in adaptability. We’re now have new-found skills at appearing professional on the weekly team catch up call. Balancing a hot cup of tea in one hand, a keyboard-obsessed cat in the other (just us?). However, constantly having to adapt on the fly to the current shifting sands isn’t sustainable. It’s time to pick a more consistent solution for you and your team.

Remote working has been a normality for many businesses for some time. For others, it’s a ‘learn-on-the-job’ experience. Either way, ensuring that you have a future-proofed telephony system implemented right now could save you much more than money. And every stress off of your mind in the current climate is worth its weight in gold.

It’s time to gear up.

There’s no need to kit out the office with all the bells and whistles. In fact, there’s no need to buy new equipment at all. Switching to T4COM’s VoIP system will not only keep you securely connected in the coming weeks or even months of lockdown. It will also equip you and your staff to work seamlessly with no interruption to work flow. No need for new equipment or phone lines. The same applies to when we all move back into our offices – no faffing required! 

If you were to ask us to identify one thing that makes our systems so brilliant, we’d be stumped. There are far too many extraordinary features that appeal to multinational companies and small businesses alike. Whether it’s the low cost business telecoms or the flexibility and connect-ability of our apps and software. T4COM provides a consistent and customisable service for a competitive monthly subscription cost.

So how does it work?

Once upon a time, phones relied on thick cables, telegraph poles and switchboard operators. You were chained to your desk as that’s where the phone was. The slickest options you had were dialling 1471 or the operator.

Nowadays, telecommunications could be pulled directly out of a 70’s sci-fi show. The newest computers, software or mobile is at the top of any business owner’s upgrade wish list. This means the poor old office landline is often forgotten.  That’s where we step in: with our SIP-trunking system, we take your landline number and bring it into 2020. 

By bringing your business telecoms online, we can not only slash your monthly outgoings by as much as 50%. We also ensure that your business is getting the most up-to-date and secure connection possible as standard.

Cloud telecoms and remote working

So why go online?

Ask anyone today, and you’d be surprised to find a single person who’s life isn’t online. From grocery shopping to banking and even exercising. The accessibility of the internet has meant that we are increasingly connected at all times. So why, then, shouldn’t your business telecoms be as high-tech? 

The best thing is your monthly telecoms costs will be slashed. Have you ever added up all the maintenance and line rental costs associated with a landline? Kiss those costs goodbye! By switching to Cloud telephony with T4COM, you’re ensuring that your business has the most up-to-date systems, but one of the most secure.

Our service comprises of end-to-end video conferencing encryption and 24/7 customer support all managed centrally. We don’t need to rely on third parties – we can fix any issue for you in house. T4COM are not only reliable, but resilient, secure, and trusted. We believe that your business is just that – Your Business. We work tirelessly to ensure all of our customers have the best service possible. No matter if they have five employees or 500. 

We keep you and your data safe. Our system also logs call information meaning that we can diagnose problems in real time. No waiting for someone to email another department. No bouncing from call centre to call centre. We will fix it and ensure it doesn’t happen again. Pretty neat, huh?

So how can this help me now?

The times ahead are uncertain. Concerns over keeping your business afloat during the lockdown are constant. Our system can start saving you money today. You will be set up and ready to go in 24 hours, meaning that there’s minimal work hours lost. Our foolproof interface means that you and your staff can get calling with no training necessary. 

Along with all of the above, we also include vital call and video options. These are keeping countless businesses and sectors steaming along right now. Call menus, auto-answer and call waiting, ring groups and video conferencing. Not only do we provide the phone line, we provide a full business solution. Better still? None of this is an added extra – it comes as standard with your package. In fact, it’s just one of the small perks of our VoIP solution.

The last thing I need right now is trying to update my business number…

It’s the worst isn’t it? You’ve got a new number. You need to update all your stationery. Next – BOOM! There’s that little moment of fear when someone asks for the number and your mind goes… blank…

Or is it? We work very closely with BT and other landline providers so there’s no need to change the number. Amazing, right? And your clients would never know. There’s no suffix to be added and no need for both parties to be online. Anyone calling in just needs to call your number, and they will be connected as if they were ringing a physical landline. You can answer the business line whether you’re at your desk or sunbathing in the back garden.

Okay, but how can I get my staff connected whilst we’re all working from home?

Staying home is a priority for everyone right now. But that’s the great thing about our systems. There’s no need for anyone to leave their homes. Your colleagues simply download our app on their device and then they’re ready to roll. We can set up multiple lines, extensions and ring groups while you and your staff are staying safe indoors. No need to install new phones, buy new headsets or drill any holes. We’ll even provide our own tea and biscuits. Winner. 

Taking the plunge…

We know how daunting such a big switch can be for any business. So we’re offering a free 15 minute surgery where we can talk about your current telephony. We’ll discuss whether VoIP is the next step forward for you. There’s no obligation, and we’re not going to aggressively sell you anything you don’t want. This phone call will be one of those things you’d wished you’d done sooner!

One of the things that we at T4COM pride ourselves on is how we can cater for any situation. All of our services are included in your monthly fees. No add ons, no extra costs, no hidden fees. What you see is what you get. 

So what are you waiting for? We’re currently offering a stunning deal that will transform the way your workforce collaborates now, and in the future. The beauty of VoIP is that when we’re office-based again, there’s no need to port numbers or cancel your re-direct. Your phone line will be ready and waiting for you, no hassle, no problem. Sign up to our solution that gives you the most technically advanced PBX service. Couple that with the UK’s most rock-solid VoIP from T4COM. What more could you ask for?

The benefits include: –

  • Zero cap-ex – no start-up costs
  • Substantial cost saving with an inclusive fixed monthly price
  • Intrinsically de-centralised: work remotely with FULL office functionality across a range of devices
  • Disaster recovery built-in: if your office has problems, we can automatically route calls to other buildings or mobiles
  • Feature rich, scalable and fast to setup
  • No on-site hardware required, everything Is located in our secure datacentres
  • Never miss a call and maintain privacy: make and receive calls from your office number, from your mobile

How VoIP can help your business stay connected while you #stayhome

Moving to a Cloud-based Voice over IP system (VoIP) might feel a little daunting to any business owner. Businesses are changing and adapting around the current global Coronavirus pandemic at speed. By switching to VoIP, you can not only keep your business connected, but you can also save vital funds.

What are we learning from lockdown? Above all, working from home isn’t so much the future of business. It’s the new situation-normal now for a lot of companies. Even before the COVID19 outbreak, businesses turned to remote working to solve issues around resources, overheads and commuting. They discovered that the positives of a new virtual way of working has presented them with many unexpected benefits.

Take your office phone on the road…or home!

Working from home can boost productivity, creativity and ability. The falling point for most businesses is how to handle their telephone system away from the office. Out of office alerts, patchy call coverage and use of personal mobile or landlines eat up valuable resources. These Band-Aid solutions can appear unprofessional. Not to mention the potential GDPR nightmare of transmitting confidential information via a personal phone!

It can feel like an impossible task when you physically can’t be next to your telephone 24-7. But what if you don’t need to be tethered to a landline in order to run your business? When looking at ways to protect our businesses virtually, transition to Cloud-based servers and VPNs seem almost seamless. So why not replicate this with your phone lines?

Cloud telecoms and remote working

How can my business benefit from moving to a Cloud-based VoIP system?

Here are just a few of the highlights…

  • No need to check-in: One of the biggest concerns employers have with remote working is knowing whether their employees are diligently working away. Or, are they binge-watching their favourite series? Our system can show you who is online, who is on a call, and even who is receiving a call. With this new-found connection to your staff, you can combat the isolation and team disconnect associated with working from home. Are your employees working hard or hardly working? Now you can see for yourself how brilliant and dedicated your team are no matter where they are.
  • Constant and consistent access: It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. As long as you have access to the internet, you can access your phone line. Your number goes with you where you go! 
  • Complete control and professional efficiency: Your experience is completely customisable: From pre-recorded messages to auto-attendants and call queueing. There’s no need to rely on outsourcing or dedicated staff to update your customer experience. Simply change it from the app and it’ll update immediately.
  • We grow with you: There’s no need to future-proof your telephony today – our system is completely scalable. As your business expands, we expand with you. Extra phone lines for new users or moving your lines to a bigger office is simple!
  • Costs: You wouldn’t believe the difference moving to a Cloud-based system can make. Phone line maintenance fees? Gone! Cost of new equipment and training? Gone! We will work within your budget and lower your overhead costs.


So, how do you safely maintain your front-line tele-communications and remain professional whilst working from home?

Our Cloud-based Voice over IP systems (or VoIP for short) is a virtual telephony system. This means that your clients can contact you anytime, anywhere. Unexpected meeting calls you to a different office? You’re covered. Working from home and need to pull together a last-minute conference call? You’re covered. Even in a pandemic, you’re covered – as many of our customers are now witnessing. Set up is simple and fast. We use sophisticated SIP trunking technology (think phone lines, but in the cloud). This technology enables you and your staff to be set up to work from home in just 24 hours. We don’t even need to change your phone number. No need to update all your letterheads and email signatures!

How does it work?

Have constant and reliable access to WiFi or 4G? You can take business calls wherever you are with VoIP. Entirely user friendly, the app requires no training which means as soon as you’re logged on, you’re ready to go. It’s also completely confidential. No matter where you ring from, your designated office number is the only number your client sees. It’s like having your office extension from the comfort of your own home!

Better still? It works exactly as if you were in the office. Need to transfer a call? You can use the app mid-call and see if your colleague is available. Transferring a call is as easy as the click of a button. You don’t need high tech equipment to take a call. Simply connect any smartphone, laptop and compatible headset and you’re ready to go. Not only convenient, but completely customisable for clients who need further accessibility or comfort requirements. (Hello noise-cancelling headphones!)

But what about conference calls and telephone meetings?

That’s the great thing about our software. You can see who is available for a call, schedule conference calls and meetings and video-conference with your colleagues. No water cooler necessary! (Always worth double checking your attire before accepting video calls though. Nothing worse than ducking off camera from your boss whilst wearing your favourite pair of pyjamas!). 

It might not beat the joy of sharing an office with that colleague who always microwaves something fishy. However, it can keep teams working together.  VoIP can combat the social isolation and cabin fever that consistent home-working can bring. The ability to get that interaction is not only a professional plus for a lot of businesses. It can also boost morale (which at the moment I think most of us can benefit from).

We’ve talked about T4COM’s ample options for workability. But did you know; we can also provide professional services? T4COM can mimic your office based telephony system. Welcome messages, auto-attendants (‘press 1 to talk to accounting’, for example) or call queuing. All essential call handling options with a professional tone, without the need for a physical switchboard.

All of this. One app. It really is that simple.

We can talk all day about the benefits of VoIP systems for your business. So why not give us a call for a free consultation? 24 hours to go pro. Click here to get in touch for a no-obligation quote. Transform your remote working from ‘best efforts’ to ‘best in class’.

There isn’t a business too big or small for us to accommodate. Get in touch today and let’s see when we can get your workforce up and running. in 

T4Com Becomes Newest 3CX SIP Trunking Partner

T4Com, the SIP Trunking specialists today announces the successful results of its interoperability testing with 3CX developer of next-generation software-based PBX 3CX Phone System for Windows.

From now on, 3CX channel partners can leverage dynamic VoIP solutions offered by T4Com to compliment the configuration and operability of 3CX Phone System. Most notably, T4Com provides best-in-class SIP trunk solutions that enable users to minimize telecom costs and improve business productivity.

Moving forward, 3CX Phone System users can choose to deploy T4Com‘s SIP trunk solution by simply choosing it from the drop down menu in the 3CX Management Console.

Paul Clarke, Sales Executive UK & Ireland, at 3CX said:

“We are happy to add T4Com to our growing network of UK VoIP providers and feel confident that this choice will ensure a high-quality service for our customers.”

Mark Willard, Founder of T4Com said:

“We are proud and delighted to be working with industry pioneers 3CX. We look forward to playing an integral role in this exciting partnership by delivering outstanding SIP Trunking to 3CX customers and resellers. They are assured of receiving a resilient, dependable service that can be relied upon to perform to a high level.”

About 3CX (www.3cx.com)

3CX is a 100% channel company and is the developer of 3CX Phone System and 3CX WebMeeting. 3CX Phone System for Windows is a software-based, open standards platform which innovates communications and replaces proprietary PBXs. 3CX Phone System cuts telco costs and boosts company productivity and mobility with the 3CXPhone clients for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

3CX WebMeeting is a hassle-free web conferencing solution which leverages WebRTC technology, eliminating the need for any plugins or clients. Browser-to-browser communication and click2call as well as advanced online classroom features are just a few of the popular features of 3CX WebMeeting.

With 30,000 customers worldwide, some of the world’s leading companies and organizations use 3CX Phone System, including Boeing, McDonalds, Hugo Boss, Ramada Plaza Antwerp, Harley Davidson, Wilson Sporting Goods and Pepsi. Maintaining its global presence, 3CX has offices in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Hong Kong, South Africa, Russia and Australia. Visit 3CX on FacebookTwitter and on Google+.

About T4Com (https://www.t4com.co.uk)

Specialists in VOIP solutions, T4Com has in-depth experience and expertise in providing resilient, dependable SIP Trunking. Our customers rely on T4Com SIP Trunks for high quality, failsafe VoIP service. Support is provided with a personal touch and we are happy to share our extensive know-how to help customers experience the maximum benefits of this sophisticated technology.
Headquartered in Farnborough, T4Com also has two data centres in London Docklands. T4Com was formed as a UK Ltd Company in 2010 but prior to this the team provided many years of high level communications services to government and UK Carriers. This wealth of experience has enabled T4Com to perfect an outstanding VOIP delivery platform backed up by sophisticated service monitoring facilities.